Hello, I am Takahiro Kida, representative of the Administrative Document Services Office Respect.

Respect”: This term is often used these days. I got to know the word through the Respect Project in 2008 organized by the Japan Football Association.

In the Respect Project, the term “respect” is defined as “to consider important.”

In other words, it means to consider anything related to soccer important, including the opposition, referees, instructors, devices, facilities, parents, people related to the association, supporters, competition rules, and spirit of soccer game.
I am involved in soccer games as a referee and am trying to accept all players and relevant persons.

I would like to value this spirit in my administrative document services office and changed the name of the office to Administrative Document Services Office Respect.

I value my customers and always work from their point of view, thereby contributing to society.

Office Profile

Name: Administrative Document Services Office Respect
Representative:   Takahiro Kida 
Address: 1-24-8-2B,Fkumituhigasi, Gifu city
Phone: 090-1299-5547  Facsimile: 058-214-2356
Closed Wednesday
History: March 2000: Established Administrative Document Services Office Takahiro Kida
October 2015: Changed the name to Administrative Document Services Office Respect
Takahiro Kida’s profile:  Representative of Administrative Document Services Office Respect
Representative Director of Yugenkaisha Truck Service Kida (Truck Service Kida, Ltd.)
Executive Director of the Gifuken Jidosha Kaitai Buhin Kyodo Kumiai (Gifu Prefecture Automobile Dismantling and Auto Parts Cooperative Association)
Youth guidance leader (commissioned by the Chief of Gifu Prefectural Police)
Treasurer of the Gifu-Kita Volunteers for Juvenile Police Activities
In charge of general affairs for the Nagara-Nishi Seishonen Ikusei Shimin Kaigi (Nagara-Nishi Citizen's Association for Raising Youth)
Class 2 football (soccer) referee, registered at the Japan Football Association
Business: Support for establishing a company, booking for accounting, business related to transportation, industrial waste, inheritance, foreigner visas, etc.