Applications related to automobilesApplications for parking space certification
・Applications for automobile registration
・Changes to statements on the automobile inspection certificate
・Procedures for car dismantling
・Cancellation of compulsory automobile liability insurance, and more.


Inheritance, organizing inheritance property, and related services. ・Preparation of agreements on the division of inheritance
・Support for preparation of testaments
・Recommendation of companies for cleaning services related to the deceased’s belongings
・Recommendation of companies operating grave sites, selling tombstones, and related services.
・Preparation of personal histories and related services.

Business: establishing a company,booking for accounting,and other services.

Various business administrative support ・Support for the establishment of stock companies
・Support for the establishment of limited liability companies
・Support for preparation of and changes to electronic articles of incorporation
・Applications for permission to establish small and medium-sized enterprise cooperatives

・Support for obtaining approval of the establishment of incorporated non-profit organizations
・Support for the establishment of general incorporated associations
・Support for the establishment of public entities
・Support for applications for the establishment of medical corporations
・Support for applications for the establishment of incorporated schools
・Support for applications for the establishment of religious corporations

・Support for the preparation of rules for private organizations
・Support for obtaining various permissions related to M&A
・Applications for permissions related to general truck transportation business
・Application for permissions related to passenger vehicle transportation business
・Application for permissions related to passage of special-purpose vehicles
・Application for elder-care taxi business
・Permissions for passing on limited-access roads

・Application for permissions related to automobile dismantling business (new, renewal)
・Cancellation of compulsory automobile liability insurance
・Permissions for antique dealing business
・Permissions for used metal dealing business
・Booking for accounting and related services

Industrial Waste, Automobile Dismantling

Application for permissions related to industrial waste processing business (collection, transportation, intermediate processing)
Automobile recycling-related business
・Permission, Registration, Agency for inputting    electronic manifests
  Dismantling business, collection business,
  collection of Freon business
・Procedures for refunding recycling fees

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We support foreigners in starting a business,finding work,inviting their family,and more.(Applications for management visas, work visas, spouse visas, dependent visas, short-term visas, renewal and change of visa, permission for naturalization, etc.)

・Application for issuance of authorization of resident eligibility
・Application for permission for activities not stated in visa
・Application for permission to extend period of stay
・Application for permission to change period of stay

・Application for permission certificate of eligibility for resident status
・Application for re-entry permit
・Application for permanent residence permit
・Application for permission for naturalization and other services

※We have responded to the requests of many foreigners, including people from New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Egypt, Jordan,Turkey, Dubai, Uganda, and Mauritius)

Fees for Procedures for Foreigners (permission certificate of eligibility for resident status, visa, etc.)
Application Fee (tax is not included) Revenue stamp fee
Authorization of resident eligibility Starting at 80,000 yen N/A
Permanent residence permit Starting at 100,000 yen 8,000 yen
Permission to extend period of stay Starting at 50,000 yen 4,000 yen
Permission to change period of stay Starting at 80,000 yen 4,000 yen
Permission certificate of eligibility for resident status Starting at 50,000 yen N/A
Permission for activities not stated in visa Starting at 20,000 yen N/A
Issuance of work qualification certificate Starting at 50,000 yen 900 yen
For procedures with the immigration office, such as permissions for certificates, renewals, and change of status of residence, applications for permanent residence, work qualification, and more, please contact Administrative Document Services Office Respect with its proven experience and results for more than 15 years!

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